Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week day blahs

Most people have their moments of when they're feeling down, which is typical. I am no exception to this and today I am having one of those days. Today I feel like I just stay in bed all day long and let the tears flow. There are multiple reasons for my sad mood today, but I know that God will give me the strength to get through this day and the next and the next.

I've learned a few things through my darkness these past twelve hours.

* Mr. Fix it (my sweet husband) can't always fix everything.
* My communication skills have a lot to be desired as I forget that others aren't mind readers and I need to say what is on my mind.
* Habits and routines are not always a good thing if we become too dependent on them.
* I am responsible for how my darkness affects my children and myself.
* My lack of faith in myself and others which then creates a conflict is a problem that I need to eliminate.
* I need grown-up interactions.
* God lifts me up high when I am at my lowest.

I signed onto facebook this morning and a friend had posted a video my most recent favorite song from Chris Tomlin,"I Lift My Hands". The words reminded me that God is my refuge and strength, that "His arms are a fortress for the weak". Today I am at a weak point, yet I know that everything will be fine because I know that my heavenly Father will take care of me. I believe.

I know that it was no coincidence that when I woke up this morning and logged into Facebook that I was immediately greeted with this video reminder. God is so good.

Now, to push past my darkness and get going on some things that the children want to do today and some errands I need to accomplish. I will press on.

Dear Heavenly Father:

I am just a lowly person who has sinned and is struggling with those consequences. I ask your forgiveness for my lack of faith in myself and for forgetting that You are where I get my strength from. Please heal me and the relationships that have been impacted by my lack of faith.

Your Princess, Cathy